Camera Interface

That’s it, done for the semester! Last Submission, a Compact Camera design, focusing on the Physical and Graphical Interfaces.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 4.17.23 AMTime for a two days break and back to work.

The Shrinter

Shredder + Printer + Scanner = Shrinter

Printer-Hero Printer-Side Printer-Side-Paper-Tray Printer-Side-Lid Printer-Side-Bin Untitled-1

An Earlier Concept.IMG_6346

Blue Foam 1:1 Scale Mock Up

The ‘Shrinter’ assignment was an exercise to combine three products into One compact Multi Function Machine that had an A4 Scanner, an A4 printer and a shredder component. The Focus was predominantly on the Physical Interface, so aesthetics was not the priority. The Final ‘Shrinter’, the Phat Cat MF01, featured unique designs such as the externally positioned Ink cartridge mounts, no longer does the user have to open up the printer to replace ink. A Lever operated shredder, simple scanning and copying functionality, and importantly the deletion of a navigation screen, because some times screens just ruin things.

Portable Desk Light

I designed and made a portable Desk light for my first Year project, it is the first model I have ever made.
The Bullet shaped form retracts out into a light weight portable desk lamp that is powered by lithium polymer batteries. The LED’s are lit through a sand blasted lens to give a diffused glow, avoiding troublesome hot spots. The hinging mechanism is made from two laminated carbon fibre arms that not only look great but provide a very critical element to the function of the desk light, using each arm as a conductor for positive and negative current eliminating the need for wires and slimming down the design. The carbon arms are coated in clear glaze to prevent short circuiting. there is a charging plug in the back of the light and the metal adjusting rod features a dimmer setting suitable for any lighting condition required. The Design is finished off in the famous Ford GT40 Gulf Racing scheme, other finishes of other race cars would be made available, for example: Martini Porsche 917K and the JPS Livery on the Type 72 Lotus F1 cars.

Final Model

Final Model

Instruction Card

Instruction Card

Development Doodles to assist with the construction

Development Doodles to assist with the construction

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Product Drawing Week Five.

Topic – Shoes


Lotus Motorsport Shoes




Women’s Heels


Aston Martin Footwear


Women’s Footwear

Product Drawing Week Four.

Topic – Seats


Car Seats




Retro Seats




Organic seats