Have a Free Wallpaper!


Just installed Adobe CS6 and was setting it all up to my preferences, and I quickly made this simple wallpaper. I then thought to myself that instead of just saving onto my computer, i should give it to the internet! So here you go Internet!


Ferrari 458 GT3 Livery

Here is a Livery Concept that I have done for  a Ferrari 458 GT3. I chose to work with the very nostalgic Italian racing colour of pale blue, and mixed it up with the graphic designs in the current and also tradition Scuderia Ferrari Racing colours of Red, White and Black.

Ferrari 458 Livery

Renault Liveries.

UPDATED 3.2.2013

After the success of my LRGP Clio, I thought that it would be great to dress a few Megane 265’s or Twingo’s up as the Renault powered F1 teams at the 2013 F1 GP!  I proposed the idea to the head of Renault Australia Marketing but he didn’t seem keen on the idea whats so ever. Worst thing that could happen is if they went through with the idea and didn’t ask for my help or permission..

Let me know which Livery is your favourite in the comments!

Renault Liveries

UPDATE – As I was wandering through Federation Square on my birthday (2.3.13) I spotted a Promotional Display with the Renault Megane dressed up in the Lotus black and gold livery, which they have also posted on the Renault Australia Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 10.04.36 AM

Screenshot taken from the Renault Australia Facebook page

I had to contact them shortly after to learn that “We had to use artwork that was developed by the team and approved by Renault Sport”.

Let me hear your thoughts

Maserati GrandSport Liveries.

Liveries I did in 2011 for a Maserati

Masarati-EK-Livery-2 Masarati-EK-Livery-3 Maserati-EK-Livery