BizyLite Sytem.

This a a light system that operates on the train network. Lights are fitted onto every platform of every station which indicate how busy or full the carriages are on the train that is about to arrive. The trains are fitted with camera’s that can count how many people are in the¬†carriage, this information is sent to the next station the train will be arriving at, and changes the platform lights colour¬†appropriately. By having this system installed it should disperse the density of each carriage and increase comfort of public transport.

BizyLite 1 BizyLite 2 BizyLite 3 BizyLite 4 BizyLite Models

Rectilinear and Curvilinear Form Study.

I’ll be uploading some things I did back in 2012 over the next few weeks, so sit tight!

Rectilinear Sketch 1Rectilinear Sketch 2Rectilinear ModelsCurvilinear SketchCurvilinear ModelsRectilinear + Curvilinear Models