LRGP Clio Wins Best Renault in Show

My LRGP Clio Design won the ‘Best Renault in Show’ award at the 2013 Renault Docklands Roundup event in Melbourne held on January the 17th.
It is the first time that a modified car (not from factory decent) has won the event. Although not an authentic Renault endorsed product, it is the closest and best that you will ever get. This award further implies the positive reception received from the public and most importantly the Renault Enthusiasts! I’m really pleased with how this design has stood up to the test of time, the project being completed January 2012 on a 2010 model vehicle, it still wows onlookers.

LRGP Clio Award

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Product Drawing Week One.


TV Remotes + Mugs


Portable Desk Light




Glasses + USB Stick



Coffee Machine.

A Pod Coffee Machine that is Lotus branded, it features a unique jet engine appearance, with aluminium construction that Lotus pride themselves on having Aluminium chassis. The rear spiral of the Pod Coffee machine is wrapped in leather for an added element of luxury.

Coffee Machine Sketch Coffee Machine Blue Foam