The Shrinter

Shredder + Printer + Scanner = Shrinter

Printer-Hero Printer-Side Printer-Side-Paper-Tray Printer-Side-Lid Printer-Side-Bin Untitled-1

An Earlier Concept.IMG_6346

Blue Foam 1:1 Scale Mock Up

The ‘Shrinter’ assignment was an exercise to combine three products into One compact Multi Function Machine that had an A4 Scanner, an A4 printer and a shredder component. The Focus was predominantly on the Physical Interface, so aesthetics was not the priority. The Final ‘Shrinter’, the Phat Cat MF01, featured unique designs such as the externally positioned Ink cartridge mounts, no longer does the user have to open up the printer to replace ink. A Lever operated shredder, simple scanning and copying functionality, and importantly the deletion of a navigation screen, because some times screens just ruin things.

Magnetic Triangles.

In motorsport events it is a regulation to display the location of your battery with a Blue triangle, so I decided to juice it up a bit and also make the triangle magnetic so that you dont have to put a sticker on your car all the time!

Blue Triangles

Life Drawing.





Coffee Machine.

A Pod Coffee Machine that is Lotus branded, it features a unique jet engine appearance, with aluminium construction that Lotus pride themselves on having Aluminium chassis. The rear spiral of the Pod Coffee machine is wrapped in leather for an added element of luxury.

Coffee Machine Sketch Coffee Machine Blue Foam